Features of yachting and fishing in the Seychelles
Denis Korablev
  • 25.06.2020
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Features of yachting and fishing in the Seychelles

Seychelles is a volcanic archipelago in the Indian Ocean, consisting of more than a hundred islands (only 33 of which are inhabited), famous for their unique ecosystem (for example, giant turtles live here!), beautiful beaches, as well as wet and hot tropical climate. The islands have preserved (largely thanks to the efforts of local authorities) rare representatives of flora and fauna, for example, the coco de mer walnut, which has become a kind of symbol of the famous tropical islands.

A yacht trip along the Seychelles shores is a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones, which can combine extreme pastime and simply heavenly rest. Tours to the Seychelles are especially popular in the winter season, when the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere are ready to gladly exchange snow and frost for the charm of a paradise blooming island. If you are planning to rent a yacht in one of the Seychelles or in another region of the world popular among yachtsmen, we advise you to contact the specialists of the company 2yachts - they will successfully select for you the best offers on the yacht market today.

There is no doubt that few yachtsmen will be able to resist the magic of the idyllic Seychelles - so attractive are the majestic granite cliffs, white sandy beaches, amazing coral reefs, giant palm trees, numerous bays surrounded by dense tropical vegetation and the romantic atmosphere of these places.

The archipelago consists of three large islands: Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. The inner islands scattered around Mahe are of granite origin, while the outer islands are of coral origin. Mahé is the largest island, and its neighboring islands are blooming tropical gardens with an impressive riot of plants and a wealth of colors worthy of the best artists. Only palm trees grow on the outer islands, and the local beaches are fabulously beautiful and promise a serene relaxation under the spreading crowns.

Most of the islands are protected as unique natural areas, which guarantees the protection of rare species of animals and wild plants growing on the islands. The Seychelles were and remain to this day one of the most ecologically clean resort regions in the world, where nature lovers can see the flora and fauna in their original form.

One of the most common types of recreation in the Seychelles is yachting, and the uniqueness of these islands is that you can successfully combine yachting with fishing. Yachting in local waters is a very exciting activity due to the abundance of secluded bays and coves where you can anchor, the only feature is the ban on going out to sea at night - the reason for this is the large number of coral reefs nearby. Thanks to the large area of reefs, you can successfully go diving here, in order not only to get acquainted with the abundance of fish and shellfish, but also to explore ancient ships resting on the bottom of the sea.

Most of the islands are private, so a permit is required before visiting. The excitement is weak, and the tides provoke powerful currents. Most of the sailing routes start from Mahe Island, whose marina is located just 25 minutes from the international airport.

Many of the marinas cannot boast of a developed infrastructure, the main yacht berths are:

  • Eden Island Marina with moorings for yachts up to 115 m;
  • Yacht Marina Praslin in the bay with space for 20 yachts;
  • Port on the island of La Digue;
  • Anchorages near the Cocos Islands (Ile Platte, Ile La Fouche and Ile Aux Cocos);
  • Lazar Bay;
  • Anchorage Port Lone.

Seychelles is one of the most isolated islands in the world, and tourism developed here only in the 70s of the last century, but despite this, yacht charter in the Seychelles has been available for quite some time. At different times, representatives of different regions of the earth - Africans, Europeans and Asians - had an influence here. The influence of France is still alive, the English language is also widespread here. Today, locals lead a leisurely lifestyle, inviting visitors to a relaxing mental rest.

There are many beaches with white soft sand and crystal clear waters, the shores are gentle. Children can be busy building sand castles and looking for seashells. Connoisseurs of nature should appreciate one of the symbols of the Seychelles - the coral “Island of Birds”.

Bird Island

Bird Island (Bird Island) with 100 bird species appearing here is one of the ecotourism centers in the region. Previously, it was called "The Island of Cows" - thanks to the sea cows that lived in the local waters, which were exterminated by poachers. Now it is home to the oldest turtles in the world - some are over 200 years old, and tourists from all over the world come to see the long-lived turtles. The coast of the island consists entirely of white sand beaches, the sea here is always warm and conducive to a beach holiday.

Only 20 species of birds live permanently on the island, but this is also a lot for such a small island (its area is only 0.7 square kilometers). The best birdwatching times are October, November and April.


The climate of Seychelles is conducive to a calm, measured rest. During the winter months, the islands have a "rainy season", which in fact means the passage of rains every day for several hours, after which the sun is sure to peep out. In summer and winter, the temperature here is constant and keeps at the level of + 26-29 degrees Celsius (almost the equator, after all!).

The main task of the yachtsman on the islands is the correct choice of the route, because the seasonality of the winds makes adjustments to the sailors' plans. In November, the north-west monsoon begins to blow, which brings north-west winds and changes the direction of wind currents, which are sometimes very strong in narrow straits between the islands. From May to October, southeastern winds prevail, dry and blowing during the day and subsiding at night, their average speed is 10-15 knots. Calm and calm periods are observed in November and April, when the trade winds change their direction - during these periods the sea is calm and the coastal water is clear.

Fishing in the Seychelles

As already mentioned, safe yachting and fishing can be successfully combined in the Seychelles. There are all conditions for successful fishing here - it's the unique topography of the seabed and a combination of other natural factors. Reefs and elevations are found everywhere, and the depth of the bottom varies very often, but not deeper than a few tens of meters. Such a richly structured underwater area attracts not only bottom predators, but also a variety of young fish, including black marlin, a coveted prey for fishermen from all over the world. Professional fishermen can catch in these waters sailboats, caracas, marlin and other giant predators, since fish are allowed to be caught on spinning, trolling and fly fishing, as well as various sports equipment. In the Seychelles, you can easily catch the fish of your dreams, and this is not an exaggeration!

Island Cuisine

Local cuisine is one of the most interesting features of the Seychelles culture, influenced by the traditions of French, English and Indian cuisines. There are always a lot of fish dishes on the menu (the most popular is fish with rice) and seafood, coconut milk, various spices and seasonings are used. Octopus with coconut gravy or shrimp with curry cannot be overlooked, and the popular drinks are dite zitronel (lemon mint tincture), local Saba beer, and baka, a fairly strong fermented sugarcane juice.


Seychelles is a paradise for nature lovers, comfortable yachting and leisurely beach holidays. In addition to diving, windsurfing and yachting on the islands, you can do real ocean fishing, which brings an enchanting experience. Blue and black marlin, barracuda, and a variety of sharks are frequent trophies in this part of the Indian Ocean, and there are more interesting fishing spots than you might expect (even the beaches).